The ways that I can help

My skill set and work experience cover a range of design disciplines.  I can help you:

  • Shape the perception of your company in the marketplace
  • Devise new ways to develop your ideas and products to better serve your customers through new features and better execution of services
  • Craft experiences that honour a deep understanding of the nature of people and how they interact with devices and the digital world

Product Design

A product’s unique offering needs to take into account the features of competing products in the marketplace, current user needs, and the new capabilities a user is not yet aware that they will want.  This needs to be synthesized into a product that remains focused on a way to solve a real problem.

UX/UI Design

Websites need to be planned carefully to guide users through the site, help them intuitively find the information they seek and empower them to deftly accomplish their goals. To get the user experience right, I draw on usability best practices and the careful study of the principles of user interface and interaction design.

Branding and Identity Design

Carefully crafted branding shapes the perception of your company; it is one of your most valuable assets. As part of your brand, a visual identity needs to be compelling and representative of your distinct offering. It sets the tone for all subsequent design efforts.

Communications Design

Your message is enhanced through carefully crafted visual designs that are sensitive to your brand. I create for the worlds of both print and digital, ensuring there is a cohesion across these mediums.

3D and VR Design

Things in the world of 3-dimensional objects, environments, and interfaces need to be designed with careful attention to the affordances of each case. Whether it’s a 3d object meant for the screen, one printed or manufactured for the physical world, or an interface, object or environment within a virtual reality space, I can help design something for you that your customers will want to use.